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The Waves Of


The founding or our nation came through intellectual and spiritual enlightenment, It is time for the underlying principles of liberty and justice for all to be both taught and caught once again. An Awakening comes only when a nation experiences both revival and reformation. It comes when people are taught and understand that true unalienable rights are not something governments give but are rights and freedoms all people inherently possess upon which governments should not infringe. It is time these principles are taught and clearly understood once again. 


To encourage more and more people to seek and understand true liberty. The basic building blocks of freedom can only exist within a society that understands the structure of legitimate government and the limits upon it that keep the balance of power in check.


That the hearts and minds of society would be open to the beauty of truth and that by providing simple instructional materials to as many as possible., more and more people will be equipped to know how to keep their liberties.

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