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All Awakening Arise efforts serve an educational purpose. We aim to expand the understanding of Unalienable Rights in the context of jurisprudence. By expounding upon the beliefs and impact of historic Awakenings in America, we help equip citizens to engage society in a more beneficial way, securing liberty and justice for all.

Join us in prophetically declaring that in alignment with the number 12, the number for government, that by 12/12/24 An Awakening will break forth to end the era of death. As the battle for LIFE continues to rage around the nation now with the states and the people, may we Educate, Embrace, and Expound about unalienable rights and the function of government to secure these rights! May hearts & minds shift toward TRUTH!

revival + reformation = AWAKENING

The blueprint for Awakening is found in the book of Haggai. The prophetic word of the Lord brings revelation to Joshua (High Priest representing the Ecclesia) and Zerubbabel (Governor of Judah representing the civil government). We see that when a prophetic revelation is sown into the Ecclesia it brings Revival. Likewise, that same prophetic revelation when sown into the civil government brings reformation. Only when revival AND reformation combine do we historically see the birthing of an AWAKENING. At AWAKENING ARISE we believe the prophetic word of the LORD to our generation is John 14:6, Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Truth is not a thing; it's a person. Life is not a thing; it's a person. And the way, is not a thing; its a person. When we worship and seek the face of the person of LIFE and TRUTH we discover the WAY. Come join us on our journey to find the WAY, our journey to see the next great AWAKENING ARISE!


All-Night Burn of Praise, Prophecy, and Prayer



in your city.


Awakening Arise held its first NIGHT FOR LIFE in Athens, TX - the birthplace for the legalization of abortion. This sleepy little town of just over12,000 saw over 3,500 people come together to worship the person of LIFE, Jesus Christ. The impact from this corporate prayer and worship brought transformation to this region, unifying the body of Christ, and shifting this region from its history of promoting death to becoming a sanctuary city protecting the unalienable right of LIFE.

Since then, Awakening Arise has received numerous requests to bring AWAKENING to various cities around the nation. We prayerfully consider the ground the Holy Spirit has prepared for the next


It is our desire that these times of praise, prophecy, and prayer from

dusk-to-dawn lifting up the PERSON OF LIFE will usher in the next great AWAKENING ARISE!

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